Broadband Services

With speeds of up to 900mbps, theres no stopping you!

Full Fibre gives you a significantly faster connection – even during peak hours. If Full Fibre is unavailable to you, you can still go superfast with Fibre broadband.

Please note: We’re not able to tell you which services are available at your address via our website at the moment. Please ensure you know the service is available before ordering or call us to double check!

Our Broadband Pricing

Our pricing is designed to be simple, transparent & fair, allowing everyone to get epic broadband without the massive price tag! Because we’re a local business serving the Northeast of England, we offer a uniquely personal experience where if something goes wrong, 9 times out of 10, one of our local technicians can come to your home and put it right in person!

  • 80mbps Downloads
  • 20mbps Uploads
  • unlimited usage
  • 18 Month Contract
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FTTP 160
  • 160mbps Downloads
  • 30mbps Uploads
  • unlimited usage
  • 18 Month Contract
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FTTP 550
  • 550mbps Downloads
  • 75mbps Uploads
  • unlimited usage
  • 18 Month Contract
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FTTP 900
  • 900mbps Downloads
  • 115mbps Uploads
  • unlimited usage
  • 18 Month Contract
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Powered by Openreach...

Our blazing-fast fibre Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) broadband is powered by the latest superfast technology available in the UK! 

Backed up by a stable and reliable custom infrastructure designed with speed, reliability & security in mind, our customers even benefit from unique 1 to 1 support direct from Wildkat Limited, a service like no other!

We’re more than a broadband provider, we’re your trusted tech experts, offering a wide range of services, specifically designed to meet the needs of home and small business owners, using only the best technology available for every customer! 

Superior Routers

Unlike a lot of networks, while we can’t offer you a completely free router, there is a reason for that! You purchase a router which, is yours, you own it and when you’re contract is up with us, you keep it! 

It’s far from the basic network routers most companies supply, ours works with any network, can handle the full speed of your package and has been specially selected from hundreds of manufacturers for its ease of use while maintaining advanced options which most networks charge more for! You don’t even have to buy one if you want to use your own.

Just remember – if you’re not so tech savvy, it might be a good idea to use one of our routers so that we can provide full support.